a prized possession.

Prized Possession Image

Police: “So tell us what happened…”

“Well…someone came in the store and took one of our finest piece of jewelry yesterday.”

Police: “And can you describe what the jewelry looked like?”

“The face of bracelet shined so bright, and the strap was a deep chocolate brown. Durable, yet delicate. Valuable, but had more years to grow in worth. One of the most beautiful pieces.”

Police: “Who do you think was responsible for this incident?”

“This isn’t the first time this has happened, sir. I know you’ve seen these stories all over the news. It had to have been the same person. Someone who felt threatened by its importance, so they carelessly abused it. Someone who felt the need to diminish its value and steal it from us.”

Police: “And do you know why they would specifically target your store?”

“I don’t know, but maybe you could tell me..”


RIP Michael Brown, you will always be a prized possession in our eyes.